German Words

English-German Dictionary
An electronic bilingual dictionary to translate words from English to German.
R├╝diger Werner & Kalyan Koora
Learn To Speak French
Must use software for all those want to learn French.
Aaresoft inc
Learn To Speak German
Powerful and interactive tool to learn German language.
Aaresoft inc

German Words

Fono Koral Free German Dictionary
Translate, hear and learn quickly chosen words and phrases from German.
KoralSoft Company
Recite German Words
It is developed for people who are increase German vocabulary.
ReciteWords inc
Magic Words Genius
Funny words game. The goal of Magic Words Genius is to make more valid words...
Magic Words Genius
Alternate Dictionary
It allows you to create dictionary for abbreviations or foreign words.
Alternate Tools
English Words
The words included in 200 Words make up 90% of the words we use daily.
Kluwell Publications
Quick Multi-Languages Dictionary
Translate words in multiple languages using the StarDict dictionary data format.
Vu Tien Thinh
German & Armenian Dictionary
Is a unique dictionary with words with German and Armenian translation.
Armenian Dictionary Software Inc.
Easy German Words, Inc.

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Enjoy Learning German

Enjoy Learning German

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German Words

Words, words, words
EasyBrowse® EP-Service GmbH
Multiple Meaning Words
Multiple Meaning Words uses words that sound the same.
Parrot Software
Recite German Words Demo, Inc.
Easy German Words Demo, Inc.
Fluenz German
Learn essential words and phrases in the German language.
WIDHURA Dictionary
Find and translate unknown words.
Thusith Soft Solution
Random Wordlist Generator
It is a program that allows you to create a wordlist of random words.
Francesco Mondello
English to Odia Dictionary
This program helps you find the meaning of words instantly in the Odia language.
TechZ Solutions